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The best website design service in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world


If you are looking for the best affordable web design service then you are in the right place.

Data Time for Information Technology is an award-winning website design company with a team of skilled professional digital designers specializing in building professionally designed websites that are safe and secure from breaches. They are HTTPS certified, visually appealing, easy to use, organized, responsive and compatible. With the rules of SEO to lead the search engines and fit all sizes and screens of devices, including the mobile phone, with getting a strong hosting for the site and a wonderful and expressive domain name.

In addition to tracking and updating the site, as you also need to update it constantly to keep pace with the modern and changing expectations of customers, most website designs have an expected life expectancy of 2-5 years only, and we can track the performance of the site through advanced analyzes and statistics and come up with extracts for improving the site based on them .

Our long years of experience in designing professional websites have taught us that in order to build a distinguished website for our customers that puts them above their competitors, we need all these components and we guarantee to provide them to you and more.

All of this is with a custom design for you without others, where you can customize every feature of our services for your company, products or services, and your goals, and the result is a website that your company and your visitors love, what will help you get:

Increase leads with free methods in order to optimize marketing costs

This increase is through SEO techniques over time, as we will design a website that respects the rules of SEO , as it will be designed from the ground up with best SEO practices in mind.

SEO stands for a set of technologies that improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.

We want to see your new website rise to a higher level, and to do that we need a lot of high-quality traffic, so we will work with you to develop a continuous e-marketing plan that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and more marketing strategy that we can Executed as per your wish.

A website that leads potential customers to actual customers and increases sales growth

This conversion process is done using optimized conversion website design methodology and advanced user experiences to drive visitors to take action.

At the beginning of the design and planning process, we will define what is supposed to “convert” or a clear phrase urging users to take a specific action on your site, to help them find the information they want.

This could be submitting a lead form, making a phone call or purchasing a product.

We then keep this goal in mind throughout the entire process from designing to coding to writing content.

We want your website to be the primary tool for growth in your company.

Distinguish your brand in the market with a customized design

As it is specially designed for you to suit your business or business on the Internet in order to clearly convey your company’s message with all the important information about your products, services and company culture.

Unlike other web design companies that focus only on the appearance of your company’s website, site designers at Realistic Solutions for Information Technology target your services, business, or customers with a precision that is uniquely designed specifically for you.

It’s imperative that your website matches your branding, which is why our web design services include unlimited design options.

For example, if your company requires sophisticated design that emphasizes the quality of your products and their price range, our design team can do it for you.

Visual appeal 

You only have one chance to make a great first impression on your website visitors because they make immediate decisions about the credibility of your company, brand or products when they see your website design.

We’ll make website visitors astonished by its design and say Wow when they see it for the first time.

Where we have different creative designs, the most famous of which are simple and attractive designs, moderate design, high-end designs, international design and many others.

 Ease of use 

If your site cannot be easily navigated and your valuable content cannot be found easily, users will move to another place. We work hard to plan and design websites that are easy to use, simple and easy to navigate, as we want our users to feel that everything is fine and in The place they expect is what makes it easier for them to do what they entered the site for and not go to another site, which is considered the best user experience that can be accessed ever, and it is the goal of all professional website owners.

Fast website design

The speed of the site is of great importance in attracting and retaining visitors, as it specifically has a great impact on the ranking of sites on search engines, whether on the desktop or mobile, and paid ads on Google, with its impact on the site’s quality score, and most importantly, the overall user experience and conversion.

At the end of the day, slow sites will have fewer conversions, a high bounce rate, and a low number of visits per page. A slow site will prompt people to escape from it because no one has the patience to wait for a website to load, Google says if the site does not load in less than three seconds. The visitor’s patience begins to wear out, but if he exceeds ten seconds, he will leave to another site, and you will miss the opportunity to benefit from a potential customer.

Website design compatible with mobile phone

According to the latest statistics of sites specialized in measuring site results, more than 50% of all Internet searches are done on the phone.

In addition, mobile conversion rates are 64% higher than the average desktop conversion rates.

So designing a mobile site that fits all screen sizes can lead to more profits for your business.

In addition, having a mobile-friendly website is one of the ranking factors in Google, so I launched a project to archive mobile results first, which is why we in our company – build and design websites using the mobile first approach.

In addition to all of this, you can get advanced functionality such as e-commerce, password-protected content, forums, event registrations, and integrate a database into your design as many corporate websites contain a database, such as processing payments.

We offer complete database integration support, which we divide into three levels – basic, advanced and complete and if you are not sure which level provides your business the best results, you can contact our experienced people.

And so on from the advanced jobs that you can get, you name it and tell us anything you imagine or want to imitate, even if it appears supernatural or even impossible in your opinion, we can design it in addition to other exclusive features of the best website design service

Exclusive features of the best web design service

There are additional advantages that you will not get in other than the Data Time Company for Information Technology, even if they claim the possibility of doing them is a tradition for us.

There are no hidden fees or site ownership requirements

Some private web design companies have contractual clauses stating that if you leave or want to separate from them and contract with another company, you have to pay a large fee, otherwise you will not get your website. This is not the case with us. Once you design your website, you can keep it. By 100%.

Participate in every step of the website design process

You will have the right to communicate directly with the design team to discuss the project, including developing and changing the design strategy and giving suggestions and opinions that will be taken seriously.

You can discuss design requirements, budget details, scope of work, schedule, etc. For the convenience of our clients, our meetings are held using video conferencing.

That is, you can collaborate with the assigned project manager to review the design process, set expectations, answer any questions of your own, and ensure that you fully understand how your site is designed.

The communication process will be customized to suit your needs. We know that your business schedules can be crowded at times, so we can work with you whether you want to participate fully or only marginally.

You can agree on your site’s strategy, design, content and launch.

Reality IT Solutions Inc. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also provide content marketing services to enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Where we can market content, services and products on all social media, whether in paid or free ways, as well as through email marketing and video making, wherever your potential customer is we will connect you to it.
  • And in our ability to fully take care of the SEO, whether internal or external, to generate search results in legitimate and legal ways to ensure the durability and continuity of your work on the web to avoid penalties on sites from search engines when using undesirable methods to produce their results.
  • We also provide content writing services that build your brand, tell your story and attract more visitors to your site, using the best appropriate practices to improve search engines and using correct and highly targeted keywords with convincing, creative and scientific methods.

Whether you are an e-commerce store, real company, service provider, reviews or information site, our designers and professional content writers can create and design the web pages that your company needs to reach, inform and convert your target audience.

Because investing in a beautiful site and neglecting the content is like buying a car without an engine, nothing will benefit you.

All these services, features and more that you can get when you request the services of Data Time Company for Information Technology , we strive to provide you with a professional and integrated website design service from all sides, so that your website becomes the number one sales and marketing tool for your business and your business.

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